Dr. Seahorse is a unique two-man group who captivate their audiences with fresh beats, quirky dance moves, and catchy melodies. Trevor Davis (Lead singer who won a spot on NBC’s The Voice Season 4) brings a strong soulful voice while Mark (Producer & Drummer) wraps it up with energetic beats. The duo’s catchy songs along with unique use of drum machines, beats, and live percussion are sure to keep audiences across the country entertained. 

The duo began dreaming up an electronic project where Trevor would write the songs on acoustic guitar then deliver them to Mark, who would program beats and replace the guitar with fresh interesting sounds. They came up with a sound they’ve tagged “electro-swag” and is a blend of Michael Jackson meets Postal Service meets a Wes Anderson movie. Both emotionally honest and entertainingly quirky, the lyrics speak to your soul while the music dances into your ears.

Since 2004, Trevor has been songwriting and performing acoustic shows under his own name. Performing with Dr. Seahorse, he is free to move and dance across the stage alongside his talented soulful voice. Mark, who has been playing drums for over 20 years and specializes in programming and producing, keeps the music brilliantly flowing with drum machines, energetic beats and powerful live percussion.

Dr. Seahorse officially released their debut album “Symptoms of Trend” in the beginning of 2009. With an overwhelming positive response to the album, they started to design and create what a live show could look like. They performed their first official concert in San Diego a couple months after their debut release date. Their second highly anticipated EP “Red Carpet” was released in 2010. They spent most of 2011 and 2012 playing colleges across the US. Their latest EP “GO” was released in 2013 right after Trevor returned from being on NBC’s The Voice. Dr. Seahorse has received many opportunities to perform and they are enjoying every minute of it.


- Trevor (Lead Singer) won a spot on Team Blake for NBC’s The Voice Season 4
- Trevor was picked out of 50,000 contestants to audition for NBC's The Voice Season 4 (Made Top 40)
- Dr. Seahorse won first place for the Coyote Radio Music Award out of 500 bands (Cal State University San Bernardino)
- Nominated for Best Pop for San Diego Music Awards 2013, 2014, 2015
- Picked for San Diego’s 91X FM Local Break of the Month in August 2013
- Performed 2012 Main Showcases for Nationals, Mid-Atlantic Region, Northern Plains Region, and Mid-Atlantic Festival for the NACA (National Association of Campus Activities)
- Performed 2011 Main Showcases for West Region and Central Region for the NACA (Also returning to Central Region in 2013)
- Showcased for Mood Media (Retail Store Distribution in 2011 and 2013)
- Listed as one of the acts to check out at the San Diego Music Thing 2011 in Union Tribune San Diego
- Featured Local Winner on Commune Wednesdays website (